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5075R Driver's Seat

Features of the 5075R Driver's Seat:

• Designed and engineered for original equipment installation or replacement for school bus Classes A, B, C, and D.
• 1", 14-gauge, high carbon steel tubing.
• Integral head restraint to accommodate a full range of driver heights.
• Cushion is made of custom-molded polyurethanes.
• Back tilts 23° from vertical with positive latching in any position.
• Fore and aft positions range to 7".


Options for the 5075R Driver's Seat:

• Any standard pedestal base (see Standard Pedestal Bases).  Can also
• Low-density "Neoprene" foam cushion with high I.L.D.
• Retractable seat belt.
• Adjustable lumbar support.
• Available with one or two armrests. Molded or upholstered.
• School Bus Seat Upholstery Fire-Block Compliance when fire-block material is used.
• Fabric or vinyl seat cover combinations adapted to any Ford or GM OEM bases.


Materials meet:

FMVSS 207/210 Type 1 seat belt installation, FMVSS 222 Head Impacts, FMVSS 302.

5075R Driver's Seat

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