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Interior Molded Solutions

Wellformed components can be found in products across a broad range of industries.  Solutions can be created specifically to your unique needs and specifications.


Products in the transportation sector include, but are not limited to:

  • Headliners

  • Interior trim

  • Exterior underbodies

  • Liners: wheel well, trunk, ceiling, floor, wall

  • Thermal and acoustical panels

  • Window shrouds

  • Seating components


We take pride in collaborating with our customers to identify opportunities.  Our capabilities include:

  • Large format molding

  • Laser cut & etching

  • Cut to Size

  • 6 Axis Waterjet

  • Assembly

  • Custom sheet size and rolls

    • Woven and non-woven

    • PVC and polyurethane vinyl

    • Width up to 8'; Length:  11.5' (sheet)

    • Thickness: 2 mm-10 mm

    Multi-layer amination with automotive type-A surfaces 

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