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C.E. White 
Integrated Child Seat

C.E.White CR11 seat provides the safety and versatility that is expected in the school bus industry.

  • Rated for children 20-90lbs.

  • Two-piece fold under insert pad for booster seat style cushion

  • 12.75” Wide insert, the widest in our industry

  • Insert is a single system, in the event of a replacement order one number

  • Insert and complete belt assembly is easily removable for maintenance or replacement

  • Complies with FMVSS 222 surface area and seat cushion retention

  • Two separate shoulder belt adjustment slot allows should belt to be adjusted higher for taller children or lower for shorter children. The maximum child height is 48”

  • Two inserts are available in 36, 39, and 45-inch seats. All other size seats available with One insert



C.E. White - CR Seat
HSM - C.E. White - CR Seat
C.E. White - CR Seat
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