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Helium Seat

Van and Bus Transit Seating

Whether commuting or on a long trip, the Helium is designed for riding comfort and durability.

The knee saver ultra-thin seat back provides added leg room, as well as lumbar support.

This seat is ideal for shuttles, tour, and charter buses, as well as para-transit buses and vans.

Standard Features

  • Touring style reclining seat back or transit style rigid seat back

  • Ultra-thin seat back for added hip-to-knee room and built-in lumbar support

  • Flexmat and seat springs for added comfort and support

  • FMVSS 207/210 compliant.  Available with 2 pt. or 3 pt. seatbelts or USR (Under Seat Retractors)

  • Available in single - 16", 17.5" seat widths; double 32" or 35" widths

  • Leg height options: 9", 10.75", and 12.25"

HSM Helium Van/Bus Seat
HSM Helium Seat
Helium Hi-Back
Helium Flip-up
Helium Flip up - Van & Bus Seating
HSM Helium Seat Van/Bus Seat
Helium Installation - Bus and Van
Helium Foldaway
HSM Helium Seat - Van/Bus Seat
Helium Seat - HSM - Van/Bus Seat


  • Molded armrest or upholstered armrest

  • Top and corner grab rails

  • Wide variety of upholstery to choose from

  • Map pockets

  • Available with matching Foldaway and

       Flip-up seats

  ●  Custom logos available

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