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Next Generation Foldaway Seat

Van and Bus Transit Seating

The Next Generation Foldaway seat accommodates wheelchairs or luggage in your bus or van. With its ease of operation and maintenance, the Next Generation Foldaway provides the perfect combination for driver and passenger approval.


The Next Generation Foldaway seat offers a variety of options and features that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Next Generation ADA clipped
Next Generation ADA folded down clipped
NG ADA Folded up Clipped
Next Generation Foldaway - Bus/Van
Next Generation Foldaway - Footpedal
ADA with Helium back open

Standard Features

  • Single and Double Foldaway available for Driver and Passenger side

  • Spilt seat design creates a uniform look in your vehicle

  • Aisle saving design allows Foldaway to mount closer to the wall

  • Lightweight frame optimized to satisfy FMVSS207/210 loads

  • Features reclining back for added comfort

  • Unique-based mounted foot pedal release for ease of use

  • Obstruction-free cantilever design provides additional open floor space


  • Molded or upholstered armrest​

  • 2 pt and 3 pt - lap/shoulder belts 

  • Matching upholstery styles to HSM product offering

  • Custom logo embroidery


Thread Color Options 
Next Generation Foldaway - Instructional Video 
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