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Exquisite styling and comfort come together to make the Platinum seat the ultimate choice for your cross country or across town van or bus transit needs. The contoured side bolsters and cushions are designed to promote a comfortable ride. The Platinum family of seats offers a variety of options and features that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Platinum Bus/Van Seat - HSM


  • Rigid or reclining seat back

  • Contoured side bolsters for comfort and styling

  • Adjustable top mounted headrest to provide head support at multiple heights

  • Flexmat and seat springs for added comfort and support

  • FMVSS 2007/210 compliant.  Available with 2pt or 3pt seatbelts.

  • Available in 19" width

Van and Bus Transit Seating


  • Map pockets

  • Back mounted grab handle

  • Molded or upholstered armrest(s)

  • CRS 225 anchorage brackets (for car seats)

  • Variety of stitch patterns available

  • Custom logos

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