Aftermarket Triad Fabco Foam Backs

For bus seat back pads that last far longer than typical fabricated construction, choose our advanced molded rebond foam design. Molded rebond foam pads from HSM Transportation Solutions are the smart FMVSS-222 and FMVSS-302 compliant solution for OEM, aftermarket, and replacement applications. Plus, you get the support of a knowledgeable team who provide the backing you need to succeed.


ISO 9000: 2008 certified

  • Passes a strenuous 250,000-cycle corner flex-fatigue test, which simulates years of heavy use, with no sign of breakdown

  • Constructed with fewer glue seams

  • Complies with FMVSS-222 and FMVSS-302

  • Promotes greater rider comfort

  • Applies zero virgin foam in critical head area

  • Incorporates high-density rebond foam that will NOT SOFTEN over the frame

HSM - Triad Fabco Replacement Foam
HSM - Triad Fabco Replacement Foam
HSM Triad Fabco Replacement Foam

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