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C.E. White Test Lab


State of the Art, Million Dollar Testing Facility


All testing provided by HSM Transportation is considered proprietary to our customers and is the property of the customer. No information will be shared with any 3rd party - and best of all, the entire testing program is complimentary to our partners and comes complete with a full test report and video. 


HSM Transportation provides detailed CAD drawings of finished goods and component parts.


The C. E. White Co.® test lab is capable of bench testing or in-vehicle testing for the following:

• FMVSS 207   • FMVSS 210  • FMVSS 222   • FMVSS 225


For testing and compliance, please contact:
Tracy Risner, Engineering Manager


ISO Certification

HSM/C.E. White Test Lab
HSM/C.E. White Seat Design School Bus, Van Seating, Bus Seating
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