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EVOS Safety Seat
3PT and ICS

Introducing the EVOS Safety Seat. It is the latest edition to the legendary C.E. White family. Driven by an unwavering commitment to passenger protection, the EVOS is redefining the standard for school transportation safety.

This versatile 3x2 configuration comes with a clean, modern design and enhanced cushioning for increased comfort and support. The convertible seat back allows for flexible configuration options to meet different needs.


  • Flexible design with an industry first seat with two Integrated Child Seat inserts and three full-size three-point seating positions.

  • Increased service life with the only Seamless Back Foam on the market. Our patented process eliminates glue seam failure points.

  • Enhanced comfort and adaptability with cushioning and interchangeable back design for easy belt changes.

  • Exceeds all FMVSS safety standards for school bus seating, adding peace of mind for school administrators and parents.

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Features & Benefits

  • It's seamless back foam is another first in the industry. 

  • Made from our patented Zone Control technology, there are no glue seams to split. Our process firms the foam in critical areas requiring protection and softens it where needed for comfort.

  • Its simple structural design and precision manufacturing creates a seat that is lighter, stronger and a better value alternative when compared to many other seats in the market today.

  • Student comfort has been enhanced with a thicker seat cushion and more knee clearance from the redesigned back. Even the ICS has been made easier to operate and more comfortable.

  • Available in multiple configurations and compatible with almost any type of school bus, our EVOS line meets all FMVSS regulations for school bus seating and safety.

School Bus & Children

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