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C.E. White Special Security Seat 


Provides the same features as the basic 3-point Lap/Shoulder Belt seat but with a 4-point harness support for students who have requirements for extra security. Designed for stability, comfort, and easy application and adjustment by the passenger. Meets all current FMVSS and Canadian standards for school buses.

  • Adjustable shoulder and chest clips and adjustable lap belts to accommodate any size passenger.

  • Available with a crotch strap to comply with FMVSS 213.

  • A single-frame seat back design features a two-step "Controlled Collapse" to enhance the safety of compartmentalization.

  • Standard school bus vinyl and colors, or Kevlar, Prevaill™, or ProForm™ fireblock.

HSM C.E. White Special Security Seat
HSM C.E. White Special Security Seat
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