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The Genesis 3-Point Lap and Shoulder Belt Seat offers adjustable shoulder and chest clips and adjustable lap belts to accommodate most passenger sizes. With over 15” aisle space at the hip, and 12” aisle at the cushion, this seat allows for zero loss of occupancy and easier emergency egress. Easily convert the 3-Point seat to additional Genesis offerings. 

Genesis Quasi Static School Bus Seat

Genesis 3-Point
Lap/Shoulder Belt Seat

Features & Benefits

  • Can accommodate children of a wide range of heights with adjustable belt straps.

  • Innovative flip-up seat cushion that allows for ease of access and cleaning.

  • 3-point lap-shoulder belts to offer upper body protection.

  • Allows for emergency egress with over 15” of aisle space at the hip.

  • Added comfort and improved knee clearance with recessed back.

  • Standard school bus vinyl and colors, or Kevlar, Prevaill™, or ProForm™ fireblock.

  • Available in a variety of widths and mounting conditions to meet OEM requirements.

School Bus & Children

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