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Circuit Rider F Seat
(Ford) Reclining Drivers Seat

HSM Transportation driver seats are designed for driver comfort and tested to meet all applicable safety standards. Our focus is on providing support and style for the head and neck with thicker foam and bolstering.


The seat fits 2018 and later Ford Motor Company cutaway chassis. It mounts directly to the OEM base for seat delete chassis and can be used to upgrade or replace the OEM seat. Optional bases and seat-to-base adaptors are

available. This seat offers a variety of options and features to improve driver comfort.


  • Optional armrest

  • Sturdy, 23 degree recliner mechanism

  • 8-Spring Flex Mat Seat

  • Thick bolsters cushions from long-lasting foam

  • Meets FMVSS 207/210 standards

  • (Base not included)

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